Why the media is responsible for the crisis in Ukraine…..And why they (the media) have blood on their hands

The media loves action and controversy because it gives them stuff to report and talk about. More viewership and readership means more money. The media will always take the side of a story that is more profitable even though they may know that it is not the correct side to take in terms of what is right and what is wrong. If you understand this, you will always understand why they report stories the way they do.

The Ukraine story is a prime example of this modus operandi. Had the media reported that Viktor Yanukovitch is the democratically elected leader of Ukraine (which he was) and a mob of dissatisfied people are trying to subvert the democratic process by kicking him out of office prematurely because of one decision he made that they did not agree with, we would not have been in the situation we are in today. Had the media reported that the usual process in a democracy is to demonstrate and show your disapproval but wait for election time to oust a leader, like we would normally do in the USA and other Western countries, the mob in Ukraine would not have been embolden and America would not have been put in the impossible situation of having to respond to Russia and Vladimir Putin. Had the media reported the situation Continue reading…

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